365 Memories · Diggie Vitt

“Un proyecto 365 en esencia desafía al fotógrafo a tomar y publicar una fotografía todos los días durante un año entero. Les obliga a experimentar, disparar y captar algo nuevo y único cada día, y pone a punto sus habilidades y procesos de edición. ¿Cómo no iba a aceptar ese reto? – Diggie Vitt

Un año.

365 días.

365 fotos.

Eso es 365 Memories, un proyecto del fotógrafo norteamericano Diggie Vitt, que a lo largo de todo un año recorrió los Estados Unidos tomando una fotografía cada día. Imágenes inquietantes, evocadoras, oníricas…

Diggie Vitt 1



I’m considering starting a 365 project, hopefully I can push myself to get motivated for a year!

Diggie Vitt 4



Let go. Be patient. Change is coming.

Diggie Vitt 246


Be aware of who you are. What your capabilities are. The potential impact you can make. Some of us know exactly what we want to do with our future. Maybe we’re going to go get that doctorate or maybe we’re going to take over the family business. Some of us are being tugged by multiple strings that will either please or discourage the contrasting side. Things won’t always be perfect, and you should be thankful for that. Imagine if you gave up after that first unsuccessful audition. Imagine if you were still with your high school sweet heart(unless you still are), how different would your life be?  Yeah, we were upset then, but those moments are necessary for who you are today. Be thankful

diggie vitt 298 st valentine


Happy Valentines Day!

I wanted to portray a message through this picture, symbolizing that there is someone out there for everyone. Enjoy!

Diggie Vitt 262


I’m homeless, with a home.

Diggie Vitt 235


I watched an interesting documentary about the last 24-hours before death row. There was an innocent man who stepped into the gas chamber. The officer got a call from the state affirming his innocence, and now a free man. Imagine the relief that man felt!

Diggie Vitt 212


When something is new we receive a psychological sensation of excitement. But, when an excessive amount of time is devoted to this material or individual, it will begin to lose it’s sensation and appear tedious. How can we sustain this susceptible perception? Simple, open your eyes to the gratification this essence use to produce. Try to imagine your life without this being. Appreciate all the little things.

diggie vitt última foto


This is the end of my year long project, but I see it as the beginning of something new.

I started this project with my friend Eldred Moye, and I really want to thank him for all of his help and support. He helped me so much with almost every photo for the first 150 days. He definitely offered a lot of encouragement, support, and assisted me on a lot of my difficult shoots! Thanks Eldred!

It’s amazing where this project has brought me! I have been all over the country meeting new friends and visiting old ones! I spent all of December busing my way to NYC for Christmas and New Years. After New Years, I went to Toronto Canada to meet an awesome photographer, Patty Maher! Then I spent all of January making my way south west to St. Louis, and further west to Colorado. Then I spent all of February going west to Los Angeles, and north up to Portland, then I made my way back to Los Angeles where I now live.

Now that I have more time, my goal is to put more time into my photos. This will give me the opportunity to make higher quality and more thought provoking photos.

I encourage anyone to take on this project! It is probably the most difficult challenge of my life, but it is well worth it! I have learned so much from this project, and I now have a portfolio full of pictures that I am very proud of! Even if you’re not a photographer, devote a year to what you love and you will grow so much!

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